Barbican Residents

Anton started a photo series documenting the intriguing mix of Barbican residents within the intimate settings of their own homes.

The post-war estate is one of the largest examples of Brutalist architecture and represents a utopian ideal for inner-city living. 

Behind its concrete exterior the 40 acre estate reveals an urban oasis with landscaped gardens, a lake, its own school and church as well as a concert hall and arts complex. 

With an estimated 4000 residents living in the Barbican, there are over 2000 flats with no less than a 140 different types of flat layouts. 

With each space as unique as the individual within it, Anton’s project satisfies both a longing to know more about his neighbors and a desire to capture the essence of the Brutalist Barbican architecture. 

With this project Anton allows the public to get a rare glimpse of what goes on within the Barbican Estate, as you don’t often get to see it from the inside.

The book “Residents: Inside the iconic Barbican Estate” can be purchased here.

The Residents